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Cascade Outdoors Depot proudly carries Springfield Marine's seating solutions. Springfield Marine’s first generation removable pedestal is the KingPin™ and is still the most popular seating system among freshwater boaters. The centerpiece of the KingPin™ system is the Hi-Lo pedestal. In the "Hi" position, the pedestal is a comfortable fishing seat. Remove the post and insert the seat mount into the base for the "Lo" position — ideal for compact storage, or to provide maximum visibility for the driver while the boat is underway.

It’s simple: a 3/4” E-Coated steel pin extends from the bottom of the pedestal as well as from the bottom of the seat mount. Each pin fits into the socket of the KingPin™ deck base.

Springfield Marine offers the KingPin™ system in a choice of two styles: Standard and Threaded. The Standard pin, with its high-strength composite clip, is designed to prevent unintentional detachment. Threaded has a threaded pin at the bottom of the post, which can simply and easily be threaded into the base. Both systems provide an effective, safe, and secure boating experience.


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