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Cascade Outdoors Depot is proud to carry Springfield Marine seating solutions!

Springfield Marine introduced the Taper-Lock™ pedestal system in 1982. Since then, over One Million units have
been sold!

The design of the Taper-Lock™ provides the most stable, secure, and versatile systems in the industry. The slight taper of
the high-strength composite bushing matches the corresponding taper in the socket of the pedestal base,
thus creating a snug, secure fit that can be disengaged as needed. To prevent turning freely, the Taper- Lock™ bushing
features a locking tab which also helps hold the pedestal firmly in place.

Ideal for fishing boats, the Taper-Lock™ has been widely used by many of the top-name boat builders in the industry for many years.

The Taper-Lock™ truly is a fine choice for boaters and fishermen.


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